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Creating Community Change: Organizing for Community-Led, Fundamental Health Improvement.

A model process for enhancing the health of a community.

Suzanne M. Cupal, MPH,
Community Health Analyst
Genesee County Health Department

Nate Jonker,
Clio Healthy Community Initiative

In 2008, the Clio Community and the Genesee County Health Department joined forces in a unique partnership to improve health that combined the local knowledge of the Clio community with the broad public health knowledge, experience, and data of the Genesee County Health Department.

The Clio experience is about the broad view: a broad view of partnerships, and a broad view of what it takes for a community to become healthy. This guidebook provides a brief and basic introduction to the concepts that are important when developing a community health improvement plan.

In addition, lessons learned throughout the Clio Initiative are shared as practical applications of this process. This guidebook is intended to inspire the reader to improve community health by showing how change for the better can happen.

Download the entire guidebook (PDF file) by clicking here or view the following sections below:

Table of Contents (PDFs)



Community Health Profile

Community Assets

History of Clio Healthy Community Initiative

Foundation of Health Improvement

Health Behavior Theory

Section 1: Organizing

Community Engagement

Coalition Building




Section 2: Planning and Implementation

Community Assessment

Strategic Planning

Program Planning


Social Marketing

Policy Advocacy


Section 3: Evaluation






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