Environmental Health Services

Recreational Environments

Public Swimming Pools

Public swimming pools are regulated by the Division to prevent accidents and the spread of disease through the control of the environs associated with public swimming pools. It includes the inspection of outdoor and indoor pools, water sample analysis to determine quality, plan review involving new construction, consultation with operators and complaint investigation. Approximately 1,000 activities are performed annually involving 150 licensed pools.

For more information, call (810) 257-3603.

Bathing Beaches

Bathing beaches are monitored and regulated by the Division through the Genesee County Bathing Beach Regulation on Safety, Rescue, and Communication Equipment. In addition, weekly sanitary surveys and water quality monitoring is done at 16 different bathing beach locations throughout the summer season.

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For more information, call (810) 257-3603.


Campgrounds are licensed and regulated under the Public Health Code. As part of licensure all campgrounds receive, at a minimum, an annual inspection with regard to water supply, waste disposal, general environmental conditions and safety concerns.

For more information, call (810) 257-3603.



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