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Special Transitory Food Units (STFUs)

Operators of licensed STFUs shall submit a notice of intent to operate to the local health department having jurisdiction at least four (4) business days before the event. A notice of intent form may be viewed and printed by clicking below.

STFU Notice of Intent to Operate

Plans for a new STFU shall be submitted to a local health department or to a regional MDA office for review and approval. Along with the plans, the submittal shall contain a completed plan review application, a proposed menu, equipment specifications, a completed STFU plan review worksheet, and written standard operating procedures (SOPs). Effective October 1, 2012, STFU’s must employ a full-time Certified Food Manager. An application for a new STFU license shall be made at least 30 days before the pre-opening inspection. The applications and worksheets may be viewed and printed by clicking below.  See Fee Schedule below for prices. Call 810-257-3603 or email with any questions or to submit paperwork.