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As Health Officer of Genesee County I am pleased to welcome you to the web pages of the Genesee County Health Department (GCHD). Our work in protecting and promoting the health of the residents of Genesee County spans a wide range of activities that often go unseen. Every day public health workers protect food and water supplies, contain disease outbreaks, teach healthy lifestyles, and help pregnant moms, newborns, children and adults through a variety of programs to improve the quality of life in Genesee County by preventing disease, promoting health and protecting the public from environmental hazards to health.

The programs and services highlighted on these web pages do not by any means represent all of the GCHD health initiatives. But together they begin to tell the larger story of how we are working to reduce health inequalities and create a healthier Genesee County.


Our work would not be possible without the efforts of our dedicated staff and the continued support of the Board of Health, Board of Commissioners, our state, national and community partners and the many individuals and organizations who contribute to our goal to improve the health status of Genesee County residents, with particular attention to eliminating racial, social, and economic inequities and using prevention and intervention strategies that target underlying causes. I encourage you to work with us as we strive to improve individual and community health.

We are committed to delivering excellence in all our programs and services while striving to meet the needs of Genesee County’s diverse communities with a strong commitment to health equity and to improving the health of the whole population of Genesee County.

John McKellar, MPA
Health Officer