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Family Planning

Planning a family is not easy, so we want
to help with our Family Planning Services.

Many families have goals from how many children they want to how far apart they want to have their children. Our Family Planning Services are geared towards helping you come as close as possible to these goals.

We provide reproductive services to
women and men in Genesee, Shiawassee, and Lapeer counties. All of our services are completely confidential, and no parental consent is needed.  These confidential services include an annual physical, pap, pelvic exam, clinical breast exam, sexually transmitted disease testing, emergency contraception, birth control, and free condoms are distributed at Family Planning’s reception window.

Why Is Family Planning Important?

Effective family planning can have a positive impact on the health of a mother as well as her children and their economic situation. The financial responsibility of having children involves the medical costs as well as finances for providing for your children. This includes education, shelter, clothing and food for their children. Family planning helps with the long-term planning of having and creating a family.

Learn More About Family Planning

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