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Food Service Inspection – Inspection Results Interpretation

Inspections of food service establishments in Michigan are not scored.

The best way to judge the results of an inspection is to read the entire inspection report!

A perfect routine inspection report would have:

  • No critical violations
  • No repeat violations
  • No violations overall

A typical routine inspection report may have:

  • A small number of critical violations that are corrected at the time of inspection
  • No repeat critical violations
  • A small number of repeat non-critical violations
  • Few to several violations overall

A poor routine inspection report generally has:

  • Several critical violations that are not corrected at the time of inspection
  • Repeat critical violations
  • Repeat non-critical violations
  • Several violations overall

It is important to remember that the presence of violations in a past inspection report does not necessarily mean that an establishment has the same violations today. Furthermore, large establishments with extensive menus will generally have more violations than small establishments with simple menus. This does not mean that large establishments are less safe than smaller ones. So when comparing inspection reports from different establishments, consider whether they are of similar size and have similar menus.