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Food Service (Restaurant) Inspection Reports FAQ and Agreement

What you need to know before you view an inspection report…

What does the Genesee County Health Department inspect?

How often is a food service establishment inspected?

What standard does the health department use when making an inspection?

What kinds of violations are there?

Are inspections scored?

What happens if an establishment has violations?

How do I read an inspection report?

By clicking the accept link below, I understand that:

  1. Inspection reports are for the current owner only. Inspection reports for previous owners may be viewed in person at the Genesee County Health Department.
  2. This site may contain errors; the only true, legal copy of any inspection report is the signed paper copy on file at the Genesee County Health Department.
  3. Inspection reports describe conditions observed on the date and time of the inspection only and do not indicate current conditions.
  4. I have reviewed the information on these web pages that explain which establishments the Genesee County Health Department inspects, how often they are inspected, what standards are used, what kind of violations there are, whether inspections are scored, what happens when there are violations, and how to read an inspection report.