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Hearing & Vision

Hearing and vision screening is offered to children entering kindergarten throughout Genesee County
by technicians trained by Michigan Department of Community Health.  Standardized training guidelines are used throughout the state.  Ongoing workshops, updates and reviews of technician competence provide quality assurance by state-appointed evaluators.

School-age screenings are conducted in schools during the school year by appointment and on a walk-in basis year round.

All students in kindergarten are screened for vision and hearing either at pre-school, kindergarten round-ups or during the school year.

Why Is It Important?

Children develop language skills from the moment they are born. Therefore, early hearing and vision loss detection is vital in children’s language development, eye sight, and overall well-being.

Roughly a quarter of all school-aged children have a significant vision and/or hearing problem. Those who do not receive early vision and hearing screening end up going through childhood with untreated visual/hearing impairment, affecting their overall early education.

How Does Hearing & Vision Problems Affect Children?


Some of the more common childhood conditions include nearsightedness, lazy eye (amblyopia), and misalignment of the eyes (strabismus). If not detected early and treated, these vision conditions can have lasting effects. Amblyopia is a common cause of single eye vision loss in adults.


Hearing problems left untreated can have negative effects on language and speech development, which can lead to poor academic performance and overall well-being.

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