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Management and Program Staff

Acting Director and Health Officer John McKellar: 810.257.3588

Medical Director Gary Johnson, MD, MPH: 810.257.3155

Financial and Administrative Services Supervisor Ingrid Fink: 810.237.6167

Nursing Services Director Toni LaRocco: 810.237.4544

Nurse Supervisor Tina Hanson: 810.257.3202

Public Health Supervisor Brad Snyder: 810.768.7971

Public Health Supervisor April Swartout: 810.424.4441

Community Health Division Director Suzanne Cupal: 810.768.7970

Public Health Supervisor Kathie Howard: 810.257.3832

Public Health Supervisor Dawn Scharer: 810.237.4607

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Sheila Moore: 810.341.5239

Environmental Health Division Director Jim Henry 810.257.3618

Environmental Health Supervisor Tony Pavone: 810.257.3825

Environmental Health Supervisor Steven Stoddard: 810.257.3836