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Plan Review – New Facilities and Remodeling

Congratulations! You are proposing to build or remodel a fixed or traveling (e.g. mobile food establishment or special transitory food unit-STFU) food establishment in Michigan. The regulatory agency responsible for conducting the plan review is dependent upon the food establishment type.

  • Submit your plan review package to the Local Health Department (LHD) if your fixed or traveling food establishment is predominately going to be a food service establishment. This is a restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short order cafe, luncheonette, grill, tearoom, sandwich shop, soda fountain, tavern, bar, cocktail lounge, nightclub, drive-in, industrial feeding establishment, private organization serving the public, rental hall, catering kitchen, delicatessen, theater, commissary, food concession, or similar place in which food or drink is prepared for direct consumption through service on the premises or elsewhere, and any other eating or drinking establishment or operation where food is served or provided for the public.
  • Submit your plan review package to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) if food establishment is predominately going to retail sell food (e.g. grocery store).

If you begin construction before receiving approval, you will be charged double your plan review fee.

Plans must be submitted with completed paperwork as well as a proposed menu and equipment specifications.  Incomplete plan review submissions will not be accepted.  

A plan review manual is available to help complete the worksheet portion. An application for a new license shall be made at least 30 days before the pre-opening inspection. The paperwork and manual may be viewed and printed by clicking below. See fee schedule below for pricing.  Call 810-257-3603 or email with any questions.

If you would like to mail in plans and paperwork, send them to:

Genesee County Health Department
Attention: Food Program
630 South Saginaw St., Suite 4
Flint, MI 48502