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Flint Water Information

If you or a family member are experiencing stress due to the Flint water crisis, or if you have a mental health emergency, call the Genesee Health System Crisis Line 24/7 at 810-257-3740.  For the Crisis Text Line text Flint to 741741.

For more information regarding local assistance dial 2-1-1

Health Care Coverage for People Impacted by Flint Water
Keep the Water Flowing – Assistance for Flint residents

In the Body

Lead Exposure Prevention and Testing
Adult Exposure to Lead
Fluoride and Water
Reading a Food Label
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead
Lead and Pregnancy
Fight Lead With Nutrition
Fight Lead With Healthy Food
Nutrition and Lead – Guide and Recipe Book
Well Fed Means Less Lead
The Do’s and Don’ts of Rashes
Breastfeeding and Lead

In the Home

Storing Bottled Water
Clean Your Aerator
Installing a PUR Water Filter
Keep Your Pet Safe from Lead


Reading a Food Label – Leer una Etiqueta de Alimentos
Flint Home Water Testing – Análisis de Agua en Hogares en Flint
Lead Exposure Prevention – Prevención de la Exposición al Plomo
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead – Consejos para reducir su exposición al plomo
Storing Bottled Water – Guardando Agua Embotellada
Clean Your Aerator – Limpie los Aireadores
Lead and Pregnancy – Madres Embarazadas
Fight Lead With Nutrition – Lucha Contra El Plomo Con Nutrición

Reading a Food Label – قراءة الملصق الغذائي
Flint Home Water Testing – فحص المياه المنزلية في فلينت
Lead Exposure Prevention – الوقاية من التعرض للرصاص
Tips to reduce your exposure to lead – نصائح لتقليل خطر تعرضك للرصاص
Storing Bottled Water – تخزين المياه المعبأة  في زجاجات

Oral Health Fact Sheet
Lead and Pregnancy – Cov Leej Niam Xeeb Tub

Reading a Food Label – 阅读食品标签
Flint Home Water Testing – 富林特家庭用水检测
Lead Exposure Prevention – 预防铅暴露
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead -减少铅暴露的诀窍
Storing Bottled Water – 储存瓶装水

City of Flint Water Pick-up Locations (Help Centers)

Free cases of bottled water, water filters, replacement cartridges, healthy food and other resources are available at these locations and times:

Monday- Bethel United Methodist Church

  • 1309 North Ballenger Highway, 10 am-2 pm

Tuesday-Asbury United Methodist Church

  • 1653 Davison Road, 10 am-2 pm

Thursday-Greater Holy Temple Church of God in Christ

  • 6702 North Dort Highway, 10 am-2 pm

Water Kiosk Stations 

Catholic Charities provides two locations where Flint residents can get up to 5 gallons of filtered water per day.  Residents must bring their own containers.

Center for Hope, 812 Root Street (come to donation entrance)

  • Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm
  • 810-265-7025

North End Soup Kitchen, 735 East Stewart Avenue (main entrance)

  • Monday-Friday, 11:30 am-5 pm
  • 810-785-6911

For more resources visit the following sites: