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Water Information

If you or a family member are experiencing stress due to the Flint water crisis, visit one of the sites below to talk to a mental health professional face-to-face at no charge.  If you have a mental health emergency, call the Genesee Health System Crisis Line 24/7 at 810-257-3740.  For the Crisis Text Line text Flint to 741741.

Flint Public Library, 1026 E. Kearsley St., Flint 48502, Tuesdays 11am–3pm
Prince of Peace, 1417 Stevenson, Flint 48504, Fridays 9am–10:30am
Greater Holy Temple Church of God in Christ, 6702 N. Dort Hwy, Flint 48505, Thurs 11am-2pm
Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2316 Coldwater Rd., Flint 48505, Sundays 10am–12pm
For more information regarding local assistance dial 2-1-1

Health Care Coverage for People Impacted by Flint Water
Keep the Water Flowing – Assistance for Flint residents
Free Preschool for Children Affected by the Flint Water Crisis

In the Body

Lead Exposure Prevention and Testing
Adult Exposure to Lead
Fluoride and Water
Reading a Food Label
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead
Flint Water Resource Guide
Lead and Pregnancy
Fight Lead With Nutrition
Fight Lead With Healthy Food
Nutrition and Lead – Guide and Recipe Book
Oral Health Fact Sheet
Well Fed Means Less Lead
The Do’s and Don’ts of Rashes
Breastfeeding and Lead

In the Home

Flint Home Water Testing
Storing Bottled Water
Clean Your Aerator
Installing a PUR Water Filter
How Might Flint’s Water Contamination Affect Garden Soils?  Part I
How Might Flint’s Water Contamination Affect Garden Soils?  Part II
Keep Your Pet Safe from Lead
Create a Lead Safe Home


Reading a Food Label – Leer una Etiqueta de Alimentos
Flint Home Water Testing – Análisis de Agua en Hogares en Flint
Lead Exposure Prevention – Prevención de la Exposición al Plomo
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead – Consejos para reducir su exposición al plomo
Storing Bottled Water – Guardando Agua Embotellada
Clean Your Aerator – Limpie los Aireadores
Lead and Pregnancy – Madres Embarazadas
Fight Lead With Nutrition – Lucha Contra El Plomo Con Nutrición

Reading a Food Label – قراءة الملصق الغذائي
Flint Home Water Testing – فحص المياه المنزلية في فلينت
Lead Exposure Prevention – الوقاية من التعرض للرصاص
Tips to reduce your exposure to lead – نصائح لتقليل خطر تعرضك للرصاص
Storing Bottled Water – تخزين المياه المعبأة  في زجاجات

Oral Health Fact Sheet
Lead and Pregnancy – Cov Leej Niam Xeeb Tub

Reading a Food Label – 阅读食品标签
Flint Home Water Testing – 富林特家庭用水检测
Lead Exposure Prevention – 预防铅暴露
Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Lead -减少铅暴露的诀窍
Storing Bottled Water – 储存瓶装水

City of Flint Water Pick-up Locations (PODS)

Free bottles of water, water filters, replacement cartridges, and home water testing kits are available at these locations.  Hours of operation are:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday:  Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday and Friday:  Noon to 8:00 p.m.­

    • Ward 1 – Ross Plaza, 2320 Pierson Road
    • Ward 2 – St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, 3020 DuPont St.
    • Ward 3 – Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, 4805 N. Saginaw St.
    • Ward 4 –  2804 N. Franklin Ave – between Maryland and Dakota
    • Ward 5 – Former Flint Farmer’s Market Building – 420 E. Boulevard
    • Ward 6 – West Court Street Church of God, 2920 W. Court St.
    • Ward 7 – Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center, 3501 Lapeer Road
    • Ward 8 – Lincoln Park United Methodist Church, 3410 Fenton Road
    • Ward 9 – Eastown Bowl Bowling Alley, 3001 S. Dort Highway

For more resources visit the following sites: