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Child Death Review (CDR)

The purpose of the CDR team, established in 1995, was not only to identify and prevent child fatalities caused by abuse and neglect, but also to participate in a broader fatality review process that addresses all preventable child fatalities from a public health perspective. Such an approach not only addresses the under-reporting of maltreatment-related fatalities but also promotes better understanding and greater awareness of all the causes of infant and child fatalities.

The Genesee County CDR Team is supported through Michigan’s Keeping Kids Alive Program, a statewide effort with legislation to establish and operate local review teams. The goals of the reviews are to: improve our understanding of how and why children die in this community; to demonstrate the need for policies and programs to improve child health, safety and protection; provide influence to develop policies and programs to address demonstrated need; and prevent other child fatalities. For more information, contact the Genesee County Medical Examiner’s Office at (810) 762-7777.