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Water Quality Management

Aquifer Protection and Groundwater Mapping

The Department performs cross-connection surveys at public (non-community) water well systems, provides initial response to oil and chemical spills, and distributes informational brochures.

Two areas in Genesee County have water well construction restrictions:

  • Affected Area Near Richfield Landfill, Richfield Township

Map of Richfield Landfill, Affected Area of Mt. Morris Road

Health Officer’s Comments Regarding Contaminated Aquifer by Richfield Landfill

  • Affected Area Near Forest Waste Site, Forest Township

Map of Affected Area Near Forest Waste

Installation Protocols for Residential Wells Near Forest Waste Site

The Groundwater mapping Project, funded under a Mott Foundation grant, built a computer data base from existing hydro geological information, mapped the major aquifer systems throughout the county, and conducted extensive metal and chemical sampling of county aquifers to establish background levels of water quality.  The data base is updated on an ongoing basis at the University of Michigan-Flint.

For more information, call (810) 257-3606.

 Private Wells

This program provides surveillance over water supplies to assure sufficient quantity, acceptable quality, and prevention of waterborne disease.  Staff inspect well sites, consult with well drilling contractors and pump installers to insure proper construction, issue permits, collect samples and maintain records of new wells.  The Division responds to contamination problems and promotes safeguards through public education.  The program includes services for both residential and non-community public on-site water supplies, such as those of restaurants, businesses, schools and religious institutions.  Approximately 4,000 activities are performed annually.

Please refer to our web page about installing a residential well. Or, for more information, please call (810) 257-3603.