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Genesee County Infant Safe Sleep

The idea of cuddling in bed with your baby seems to be the natural thing to do. But the sad reality about that instinctive feeling is, too many babies die due to sleeping and cuddling in bed with their mother or father.  Infant mortality in Genesee County and Michigan related to unsafe sleep is preventable! One in four infant deaths in Genesee County is due to an unsafe sleep position. While 140 babies in Michigan die every year, due to an unsafe sleep environment.

Infants under 1 year are at risk of suffocating, strangulating, smothering, or being crushed if they sleep on their stomach, with another person, or with a blanket, pillow, or another soft object. A “safe to sleep” environment must include: infants always on their back, in their own crib, pack n’ play or bassinet; and with no blanket, bumper pad, pillow, stuffed animal, or anything else in the crib. Cigarette smoke and high room temperature will also increase the risk of infant death.

For more information on “Safe Sleep” contact Genesee County Health Department, Community Health Analyst, Ali Cassady at  810-257-3435.