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Temporary Food Service License

The license assures that the food is prepared and served in a safe and sanitary manner.
Please note that home prepared or home canned foods are never acceptable.

-The regular temporary license fee is $135. The fee is $90 for those with tax exempt status.  To qualify for the tax exempt fee, your paperwork must include your 501 (c)(3), please do not assume we have your number on file.
-License applications and payment for a temporary establishment must be received by the health department at least five (5) business days before the event.
If the application is received less than 5 business days in advance of the event, there is an additional $80 late fee.
-The license is only good for 14 days in one location only.
-An operations checklist is available to help meet the requirements of the Food Code.
-The application and checklist may be viewed and printed by clicking on the links below.
-Call 810-257-3603 or email with any questions.  You may also email your completed application and menu pages and make an online payment by clicking on the blue MAKE ONLINE PAYMENT box at the top of this page.  On the next page, you will find a drop down menu for the type of payment you are making.  Choose the option that says GC FOOD SERVICE  – TEMPORARY.

***It is up to you to know any further requirements of the city or township you will be serving in.  The County will not be held responsible if you are in violation of municipality rules or regulations.***

Michigan Department of Agriculture memo regarding Remote Service Site Exemptions.

If you are preparing, cooking, reheating, storing, and serving foods to the public for profit or for free.

If you are serving food from a licensed facility to the public and the licensed facility is not providing a server. For example: ordering pizza from a licensed facility and having it dropped off to be served by another group.

If you are conducting food demonstrations and giving away samples.
If you are serving pre-packaged, non-potentially hazardous foods or beverages such as chips, canned or bottled pop, etc.

Private events such as meetings or where there are invited guests not open for the public.

If you are a licensed restaurant, transporting, serving at an offsite location and it’s done by a member of the licensed facility, a temporary license may not be required. If you are doing any kind of food preparation and/or cooking on site, a temporary license would be required. Consult a sanitarian for more guidance.

One license is good for 14 consecutive days in one location and cannot be transferred to a different location.

For more information call: Genesee County Environmental Health Division at 810-257-3603 Or visit our website at