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Tobacco Licensing and Enforcement

To help reduce youth smoking and access to tobacco, the GCHD licenses local tobacco retailers and conducts tobacco compliance checks.  In 1994 Genesee County became one of three counties in Michigan to require retailers to obtain an annual tobacco license if they sell tobacco products.  GCHD conducts county compliance checks annually to help prevent tobacco sales to minors.  In addition to county compliance checks, GCHD also conducts annual SYNAR tobacco compliance checks which are required by the State of Michigan.

Any establishment selling tobacco products in Genesee County must have a license for retail sale of tobacco.  To print a copy of the tobacco license application click here.

Smoke-free Air Laws
Smoking is prohibited in enclosed places as outlined in the Genesee County Regulation to Prohibit Smoking in Enclosed Places and the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke-free Air Law.  Call the GCHD at (810) 341-5900 to file a complaint regarding smoking indoors.

Tobacco Regulations