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Tuberculosis Control

Tuberculosis (TB) is present in Genesee County.  The Genesee County Health Department Tuberculosis Control Program receives and investigates reported cases of tuberculosis, can treat confirmed cases, and prevents further infection.

Tuberculosis skin testing is offered at the Health Department. Clients who lack insurance coverage can be provided treatment at the Health Department’s clinic.

The TB clinic staff can:

  • Assist in scheduling client Chest X-rays
  • Consult with TB physician and specialists
  • Assist with dispensing medications
  • Provide follow up care and testing
  • Provide direct observational preventive therapy
  • Provide additional support for the completion of treatment

To report an active case of TB call the TB clinic at 810 257-1017.

TB skin testing is provided at the Genesee County Health Department. For information on obtaining a TB skin test call 810 237-4546.